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Feature gardening water


Decorative gardens generally feature gardening water accessories like fountains, waterfalls, and ponds. These accessories tend to add charm and beauty to any style water garden.

The style of your water garden will partially determine whether or not you will add one or more feature. Gardening water accessories to be used can be a combination of made and purchased items. However, you can opt to purchase everything to be placed in the water garden. The more creative gardener can however, put their skills to use by making their own fountains from old buckets, ceramic containers or other suitable material.

Because water is the central focus in a water garden, a water source has to be the main feature. Gardening water feature to consider as the main water source for your water garden are:


Ponds and streams as features in a water garden are normally in an outside garden, but fountains and waterfalls can be designed for use inside or outside. Ponds and streams in some instances are manmade, but many water gardens use natural ponds or streams on a property. If however, there is no natural water source, you can have fun selecting just the right water feature. Gardening water accessory selection can be great fun. Start by researching the various styles of water gardens such as country, Japanese tea garden, container etcetera; as usual you can start your search online. Once you have narrowed down your choices to around two or three go out looking. Nothing gives a perspective on a water garden like actually seeing it up close and personal.

If you go for an indoor water garden, you will definitely have to use containers, even if the water source is an indoor fountain or other feature. Gardening water accessories are nowadays made especially for indoor use making it easy to set up an indoor water garden.

However, after the design and set up of your water garden, whether inside nor outdoors, you will need to maintain the garden. Manufacturers of gardening accessories have taken this into consideration so even caring for your garden can be relatively simple. Just ask a fellow water garden enthusiast for advice if you are in doubt as to what to do, or get help from a reputable expert in the area.

Mosquitoes love water, making one of their favorite breeding ground a water feature. Gardening water accessories include pumps in the arsenal which helps in mosquito control. Pumps help to circulate the water in a fountain or pond making it difficult for mosquitoes to strive.

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