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Water gardening: Florida is ideal


Florida, because of its year-round tropical climate is ideally suited for all types of water gardening. Florida not only offers the comfort of not having to be especially concerned about protecting your plants in the winter, but has lots of natural water sources. The availability of a good water supply is important in water gardening because to maintain the health of the garden you need clean water. In addition, there is a need for abundant supply of aquatic plants suitable for any kind of water gardening, Florida being tropical has more than its fair supply of such plants.

Water gardens can be a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes so select some fish that eat insects to be placed in the water source for water gardening. Florida, because of its warm climes is especially prone to mosquito infestation, so it is important to deal with this. This does not mean that you cannot use popular ornamental fish, but throw in some native freshwater fish that are not as likely to become bird food. Studies have shown that native fish are less likely to be plucked from their water homes by birds that eat fish, mainly because their colors are not as brilliant as ornamental fish used in water gardening. Florida has a wide variety of native fish that can be used. Some of these include the pygmy killifish, minnows, and guppies. The best thing about using these types of fish is their ready availability in ponds, gullies and specialty supply stores.

With another necessity for successful water gardening, Florida again has a great advantage. The state’s climate makes finding suitable aquatic plants a very easy process. However, when selecting wild aquatic plants for your water garden in Florida it is a good idea to consult experts such as Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council. They will be able to help you avoid introducing beautiful, but parasitic wild plants into your water garden. With water gardening, Florida being no exception, the wrong type of native aquatic life can make or break a water garden.

For water gardening, Florida is such that lots of the necessary materials can be found, that is, you do not have to buy everything for your garden. A walk on the beach may well result in finding a nice piece of driftwood that can be used to add character to your design. Rocks and stones can likewise be found on your property or that of a neighbor. So look out for great finds in the most unlikely places.

For persons living in the area who plan on getting in on water gardening, Florida has experts in landscaping who can assist you with getting started. So decide on the theme you want for that water garden and start creating.