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247 Gardening Landscape Planting Guide Article

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Gardening Landscape Planting Guide


This article will discuss why it is necessary to follow a landscape
gardening planting guide. It will describe the different kinds of guides
and how to use them in gardening landscaping.

Asking For Help The Gardening Landscape Planting Guide

Landscaping is a project requiring a lot of commitment and work. The plants
you include in your plans are a major component, so it is very important to
understand your choices. A landscape gardening planting guide describes the
different plants and trees, their characteristics and their climate
preferences. Using such a guide can save a lot of heartache, disappointment
and expense.

I Had No Idea This Tree Would Get So Big!

When you planted the tree, it was a stick with a few leaves. Now it has
grown to 3 feet in diameter and the roots are growing through the bottom of
your swimming pool. What a mess! What really makes you feel worse is this
problem could have been avoided if the proper research had been done before,
not after, the tree was planted. A landscape gardening planting guide can
be an invaluable tool for projecting your landscape into the future.

I Need A Guiding Hand

A landscape gardening planting guide should be referenced for many reasons.
Maybe you need to know what bulbs to plant so flowers bloom every season.
Perhaps you need to know which trees have roots that grow down instead of
out. You definitely will need to understand which plants suit the area
climate. Also consider whether you want to start your own plants indoors
from seed rather than purchasing from a nursery. If so, you will need to
know when to transfer the plants outdoors. A landscape gardening planting
guide can help you decide which plants will not grow too high and can be
planted around the deck. On the other hand, you may need to know which
shrubs will grow tall enough to be a privacy hedge. The questions are
endless and proper planning will lead to a garden landscape that meets your

I Just Mowed The Grass a Few Days Ago!

A landscape gardening planting guide is not used just for deciding which
plants will work best. It is also used to decide which plants will fit your
environmental philosophy and your time constraints. Some plants and flowers
require a large amount of fertilizing regularly. Some plants spread rapidly
and need constant maintenance. A landscape gardening guide can even be used
to select the kind of grass to use for your new lawn. There are many
different kinds of lawns and each requires a different amount of mowing and
fertilizing, and each kind grows in a different way.

Years From Now

A landscape gardening planting guide enables you to project what your
landscape will look like in the future. It is a common mistake to place
plants too close together. Knowing how big a tree will grow or how tall a
bush will get can prevent problems in the future. It can also insure that
your landscape project will look the way you intended one year, five years
or even 10 years later.