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241 Landscaping Garden Article

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Landscape Gardening


This article will discuss the concept of landscape gardening and its primary
purposes. It will describe how landscape gardening involves multiple

Landscape Gardening: Designer Art

Everyone knows landscape gardening includes planting some flowers and maybe
creating a walkway. But did you know it is a form of designer art?
Landscape gardening is a process of matching garden and yard styles to the
house and your unique persona. It is creating a masterpiece that will evoke
a mood when you look upon the final product. Like gazing at a Rembrandt
painting, viewing a finished and well thought out landscape gardening
project is powerful and pleasing. It is an experience for the mind, the body
and the soul.

Driven By Purpose

Any major project requires planning. A painter must determine why a
picture is being painted, because the purpose drives the perspective.
Landscape gardening requires the same forethought. Functionality must be
considered when landscape gardening. Designing a landscape for privacy may
result in a significantly different plan than one created for simple viewing
of beauty. The primary purpose of the project is set and everything is
planned around that purpose. The very first question is whether the project
is for business or personal purposes? Is it primarily for viewing,
recreation, to add value to the house or to provide sunblock? Answers to
these questions will drive the planning stages of the landscape gardening

Stylish Accommodation

Deciding what style to use in your landscape gardening plan is a major
decision. There are many choices. Landscape gardening styles accommodate
every kind of personality, house, neighborhood or business. There are basic
styles that should first be considered. The final product may be a
combination of several styles.

? Traditional and orderly shapes and patterns, such as straight walkways and
square flowerbeds, characterize a Formal Garden.

? An informal garden is more likely to have rounded plant beds, meandering
walkways and an array of plants and flowers not necessarily typical of a
traditional garden.

? The English Garden is very formal and has certain characteristics such as
raised flowerbeds and the expectation of certain plants, such as roses.
Landscaping gardening in this style is structured around the type of enhance
the house or building on the property.

? The Oriental Garden is also very formal but in a different way. It has
plants and flowers normally seen in the occidental countries such as Japan.
It has a pattern of simple lines and stark form, but carries a beauty unique
to its origins.

? The Woodland Garden is a natural looking garden that frequently blends
into the surrounding environment. Often, this type of garden has plants and
flowers indigenous to the area where the landscape gardening will take

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the arrangement of objects in your life to attract and enhance
life energy. Landscape gardening is one form of Feng Shui in the natural
world. By defining the purpose of your landscape project and then matching
the style to that purpose, Feng Shui is created. The result is a vista out
your back window that can energize or soothe or excite, depending upon the
mood created with your planning.