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Beckett: Gardening, water gardens and accessories is their world


Beckett Corporation sets the standard in water gardening equipment and
supplies. The company started in 1948, manufacturing and distributing under
water pumps. Over the years Beckett gardening water pumps continued to enjoy
great demand which increased even more with the introduction of their
submersible pump on the retail market.

As the popularity of water gardens grew the company expanded, and so Beckett
gardening water pumps were no longer the only products the company sold.
They included other water garden products and accessories to their

The company was also the first to offer for sale an ‘all in one water garden
pond kit’. This was an innovation that was soon to ignite the water
gardening world. Beckett gardening, water and water gardening supplies in a
kit contain the full range of items needed to start a great water garden.
All-in- one kits include:

• PVC liner for the container (pond)
• Beckett gardening water pump
• Diverter/flow control valve
• Tubing
• Fountain nozzles
• Hose clamp

There may also be other items or less depending on the size of the kit. The
consumer needs to decide on the size of the water garden they plant to
create before ordering the pond kit. When in doubt, ask an expert for

Other Beckett gardening, water gardens products include container fountain
kits, pond clarifier (helps to keep pond water clear), pond liners, and
underwater light kit, water treatment, water features, bird baths and wall
art to name a few. Some of these items are sold through Beckett Garden
Accents, another division of the company.

Just about anything you need to know about Beckett gardening, water pumps
and other water gardening supplies can be found on the internet. Best of
all, most, possibly all gardening supply stores, will carry products
manufactured by the Beckett Corporation. In addition the company’s website
also carries articles on water gardening that can help the gardener in
making a success of any type of water garden. Their ‘tip of the day’ is also
a great source of information for maintaining a good looking water garden.
The website has a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section that is chockfull
of useful information ranging from how to minimize mosquito breeding in the
water to how to fertilize aquatic plants for best results.
Beckett container water garden kit is fully equipped to get the beginner
started in water gardening. Beckett gardening, water garden equipment and
accessories are great for professional as well as amateur gardeners who want
to learn water gardening techniques or improve on existing creations.