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Gardening pest control


Whether in Arizona or Hawaii, when discussing gardening, pest control is certainly to be one of the greatest challenges gardening enthusiasts share. Although organic methods have always been available and used for gardening, pest control in developed countries since World War II has predominantly used man-made chemical pesticides to combat pests of all shapes and sizes. An increasing awareness of the dangers and drawbacks associated with chemical pesticides has recently led to a growing trend among gardeners to return to an organic strategy in dealing with pests.

Certainly with all types of gardening, pest control using an organic strategy can be highly effective as well as cost efficient. The Internet has made it increasingly easy to find countless tips that if used successfully will help in dealing with the most annoying pests that infiltrate and destroy gardens. Gathering information about the appearance, habits, enemies, and life cycles of pests helps provide gardeners the opportunity to rid their garden of the harmful insects while leaving the beneficial insects in the garden alone to do their job.

When it comes to gardening, pest control can be viewed as being divided into different yet strikingly similar methods. Frequently the most simple and obvious first line of attack in avoiding the destructive and annoying problems of bugs is in the selection of the actual vegetables and flowers. Using a mixture of science and nature, breeders of plants and flowers continue to improve the varieties available that are resistant to bugs and diseases. With so many disease and insect resistant varieties available, a bit of research and reading the back of seed packets will pay of handsomely.

Although the time-honored and historical practice of crop rotation requires a good deal of planning and forethought in home gardening, pest control is greatly enhanced by this and other methods that require the gardener to be aware of the bug friendliness extended by their garden as the host and “culture” for insects. Removing unhealthy plants, building up the soil, pruning, and staking plants off of the ground are all organic “cultural” methods that assist in controlling pests as well as diseases.

Oftentimes in organic gardening, pest control is simply handled through the actual physical removal and termination of insects from the plants, flowers, and vegetables. Clearly, using fingers and shoes can be an effective and yet distasteful tactic to many squeamish gardeners with weak stomachs.

It is clear with organic gardening, pest control plans having special consideration for plants grown, location, and of course the insects involved will yield successful and bountiful gardens whether in Arizona or Hawaii.