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Gardening tools do not need to cost new enthusiasts an arm and a leg. However, when gathering the initially needed gardening tools and supplies, walking into a home and garden center to select and purchase the gardening tools can prove to be a bit overwhelming if the new gardener doesn't know what is most important and isn't prepared with a list.

When seasoned gardeners are asked about their favorite or most often used gardening tools, five pretty obvious and traditional items and suggestions for selecting them often come up. Many gardeners will quickly suggest clippers or shears as the most frequently used and important of gardening tools. As clippers are used in the removing of leaves and branches, shaping and pruning, they are used very frequently. Thus those best in the place to know also strongly suggest making highly certain the garden shears are very comfortable to use and fit nicely in the hand.

Successful gardeners understand the quality of soil will greatly determine the strong and healthy development of their seeds and plants as well as their life. New and well-established plants need the healthiest soil possible. Accordingly, other important and useful gardening tools needed to best enjoy gardening are a shovel and hoe. When planting trees, shrubs and larger plants in the garden, a round-ended shovel is needed. Gardeners use a hoe to cultivate the topsoil permitting water and nutrients to get in as well as for weeding. Many gardeners select a spading fork as the most used and favorite of their gardening tools. Used in smaller gardening projects to break up hardened dirt and to dig down to improve the top soil and open it up before planting anything, a spading fork looks like a small pitchfork but has a much shorter handle and tines that are wider.

For leveling the ground after turning the top soil and yet before actually planting the seedlings, or for removing stones or big chunks of earth from the soil, a rake is another of gardening tools used in preparing the earth for planting.

For all gardening tools, long time gardeners strongly implore those new to the hobby to keep comfort and quality foremost in mind. Neither the cheapest nor most expensive of gardening tools is a good deal if it leaves the gardener with blisters or breaks the first time it is used.

As with other hobbies, the Internet has improved the shopping experience for all gardeners a great deal by increasing the selection availability of gardening tools and decreasing the associated costs. However, when it comes to finding the best and most useful gardening tools, garage sales and swap meets are another avenue veteran gardeners suggest beginning gardeners use when gathering the initial basic gardening tools.