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The Internet has been an amazing and phenomenal force in providing information to both seasoned and newcomers looking for a useful gardening tip. Although when seasoned gardeners are asked by new gardeners for their best or favorite gardening tip they are highly likely to receive as wide a variety of useful suggestions as there are gardeners, over time most tips gathered appear to repeat several themes regarding successful gardening.

Whether obvious or obscure and idiosyncratic, the most important element of a gardening tip is its usefulness to gardeners regardless of their experience and knowledge. For example, oftentimes, newcomers to the hobby are intimidated and overwhelmed when it comes to highly specific knowledge such as soil testing and soil pH. Beginner gardeners wanting to dive right into their new hobby and experience the beauty of a garden are more likely to appreciate a gardening tip suggesting a specific brand of potting mix as opposed to detailed information of why certain nutrients are necessary. Seasoned gardeners on the other hand often appreciate the recommendation of a specific potting mix as it either confirms their own personal experience or provides them a new brand to try.

Another theme when it comes to a favorite or best gardening tip, is the old adage about choosing the right plant for the right type of light and right location. Although new gardeners may desperately want to try planting a favorite plant in their climate zone whether it is appropriate to that zone or not, if they do not have a good understanding of their climate and soil and select flowers and plants appropriate to their environment, they are not likely to achieve success. Gardening enthusiasts who take the environment in stride with the requirements of the plant rather than fighting it, usually achieve the most consistent and impressive results. No matter the climate zone and ecological system of the gardener, the persistent, determined, and thorough gardener will eventually find a gardening tip that will lead to a selection of garden plants designed to not just survive, but also thrive.

Clearly, one useful gardening tip may be more useful than the next to seasoned gardeners with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge. However, new gardening hobbyists are likely to appreciate and find each and every gardening tip a chance to expand their knowledge and enjoyment of their new found pastime. Perhaps most interesting of all though is that with the advent of the Internet, newcomers to the hobby of gardening can actually be just a great of source of useful and interesting information as veterans when it comes to a great and useful gardening tip.