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Organic Gardening Supplies Become More Popular


It's really rather funny that we now see organic gardening as a new trend.
In reality, before commercialized farms, most gardening was organic. It was
only in the industrial age that the idea of chemical fertilizers and
pesticides became more the norm. However, it is happening, organic gardening
supplies are getting more and more attention as consumers strive to do
things more naturally and with less chemicals.

Organic gardening relies on healthy soil and good weed and pest control
using natural means. Organic soil tends to be quite rich and many organic
gardeners have their own compost bins so they can enrich the soil they have
naturally. Many garden supply stores sell compost bins and barrels. They
also sell food scrap bins for the kitchen to enrich the organic compost
heap. Good soil is the key to organic gardening and you can only get there
by either buying good organic compost or making your own with a compost bin.

If you're not sure what your soil needs, then the soil needs to be tested.
There are soil kits to determine the composition of your soil. Buying one
and then amending the soil with needed materials like kelp or granite might
make it more bountiful with less effort.

Other ways to pamper your soil can be had cheaply from local farms: sawdust,
manure, or wood chips, or pine needles The wood chips and pine straw make
great mulch for different types of garden beds. Pine needles are good for
acid-loving plants. Laying out just 3 inches of mulch can help reduce weeds
and retain moisture. Not to mention, it looks quite nice.

Most of the work in an organic garden is done with the good old organic
gardening supplies of shovels, hoes, and even household items like soap and
vinegar. Modern day rototillers can be used to prepare the soil on a larger

Pest management is also important. Most organic gardeners tend to plant a
large variety of plants to keep a particular pest from being attracted and
monopolizing the garden. Organic gardening supplies focus on buy many
varieties of plant in their most healthy state. If they are diseased, they
just bring their problems to your garden.

If aphids appear, a spray of soapy water is used. Other kitchen concoctions
are garlic and hot pepper sprays to keep pests away. Some people go out and
buy Neem products, a tree that grows in India. Neem has the ability to deter
pest infestation on plants and people make a solution of Neem seed oil and
water to spray their plants and keep them healthy.

Weed control can be a full-time job in warmer climates. Using mulches keeps
the weeds down, but some beds need to be hoed regularly. Another solution of
vinegar and water can help kill stray weeds in sidewalks as well.

Whatever you choose, the main idea in organic gardening is to get your soil
in shape and cut down on weed and pests in the garden the natural way.
Buying organic gardening supplies is a way to help the earth remain fertile
and plentiful for years to come.


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