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94 Gardening Supplies Organic Pesticides Article

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Too Many Chemical Gardening Supplies? Organic Pesticides Are The Solution.


We've grown up in the Industrial Age where man overcomes nature by brute
force and mechanized or chemical warfare. But, something happened as we went
out on the conquest of nature. Our hearts softened and we realized that too
many chemicals were creating harsh environments and ruining our ecosystems.
But, we didn't know what to do about too many chemical gardening supplies.
Organic pesticides then came back into the forefront and many gardeners now
use them for safety reasons as well as to revitalize their own backyard

Safety Considerations

Although there is much controversy over the role of chemical pesticides in
our gardens and food chain, there is still anecdotal evidence to suggest
there is a link. There are stories of sickness and death in villages and
animal populations after pesticides were put on crops in the preferred
modern method of using many chemical gardening supplies. Organic pesticides
might have been used previously with no problem, but upon the introduction
of chemical pesticides many new instances of disease occurred in nearby
human and animal populations. Some people suggest that prolonged exposure to
chemicals can result in cancer, asthma, and weakened immune systems, among
many other illnesses. With people spraying lawns as well as gardens, the
accumulation of pesticides appears to increase yearly.

Many pesticides carry warnings on exposure of hands or face. If they are not
safe this way, many people fear they are not safe overall. Women nursing
babies that are exposed to pesticide poisons can also transfer these poisons
to their babies with unknown effects. One thing is certain, many lawn care
companies advise owners to keep their pets indoor after spraying. Although
the poisons may not affect us, they do appear to affect the pets, plus the
intentional targeting of pests that can destroy a delicate ecosystem. If one
does have pets or a special concern for creating a natural environment with
organic gardening supplies, organic pesticides are usually the first things
to be investigated.

Creating A Healthy Ecosystem

To create a healthy ecosystem, home gardeners are using organic gardening
supplies. Organic pesticides become a priority as the easiest way to reduce
chemicals in the garden. The idea is not to kill a broad range of insects,
but to target infestations or prevent them. In an organic garden, most
insects are good insects and are not killed, but rather managed through
biodiversity or organic pesticides. These products can be found online or in
garden centers and can consist of botanical sprays, like Neem, or simpler
hot pepper and garlic sprays.

The practice of monoculture, the planting of a single variety of crop, has
been blamed for much of the perceived need for chemical pesticides. Many
gardeners are learning that buying a wide variety of natural plant gardening
supplies, organic pesticides, and mulches can go a long way to creating a
safe and healthy ecosystem.