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86 Japanese Gardening Supplies Article

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Simplicity and Form: Japanese Gardening Supplies


When the East meets West, instead of fusion we sometimes get confusion. But,
once that moment is passed a new awareness creeps in and the joys of a new
culture spread before us. So, it is with Japanese gardens. The ideal
Japanese garden is a statement of simplicity and form, often requiring a
complete change of mindset to establish, but later finding it to be simpler
to maintain and appreciate. Japanese gardening supplies will include many
materials we commonly don't think are gardening supplies, because of the
attention to detail, simplicity, and form.

Rocks Are Garden Ornaments?

While a Western garden may appreciate a big boulder as a central point of a
garden, the Japanese garden relies on more subtle Japanese gardening
supplies. Often, the Japanese use flat stones or variously shaped boulders
with lichens and patinas to build a garden structure with beauty. In
addition, the use of sand in a Japanese garden is used with curved rake
patterns to represent the ocean. But, sand is hardly what we think of as a
surface material for a garden. In Japan, it is used for just that.

So, you may end up finding yourself at a rock quarry more than a home and
garden store to find just the perfect Japanese gardening supplies.


Since Japan is an island nation, they do have many beautiful water gardens.
Since the Japanese link to accentuate the natural world, things like
minerals, water, sand, and plants are usually the focal points of the
garden. A small pond here, or trickling waterfall there, and this element
can take one into a meditative state all by itself. If one can't build a
pond, bamboo containers filled with water plants and a pump can help bring
that element into the Japanese themed garden.


One of the ways Japanese show their love of form is through artfully
sculpturing the terrain into artificial hills. Placing mounds of earth here
and there is a lovely way to bring a natural beauty to a backyard garden.

However, there are many Japanese gardening supplies that consist of tiny
pagodas, lanterns, and screens. None of these should detract from the
overall serenity or naturalness of the garden, though, to maintain its
Zen-like state of peace. In Japan, gardens are meant to merge the spiritual
with the physical, and can be still be done by picking Japanese gardening
supplies that bring these aspects into the garden.

Trees and plants

Most Japanese trees and plants for the garden are quite understated by
Western standards. Japanese maple is a favorite of Westerners because of its
showy bronze and red leaves. Bonsai can seem tiny and plain by Western
standards, but are perfectly at home in a Japanese garden. Don't limit your
choices to bushes and trees. Add mosses and creepers to your Japanese
gardening supplies to add naturalness to stone steps or stone sculpture.