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196 Tips For Designer Home Gardening Article

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196. Tips for designer home gardening


If you want to give your yard or garden that designer look, then take a tip from the experts and treat your garden as if it was another room in your house. Just as you would put the stamp of your personality on your bedroom or lounge then so you should with the garden. The experts who give tips for designer gardening say that they measure the area – so the first thing that you need to do when you have cleared your garden or yard is to take its measurements.

The next step is to decide what sort of garden you think you might want –tips for designer home gardening will ask you to decide whether you want to have a water feature and a rose covered arch, or do you prefer the minimalist look? Once you decide what sort of features you would like to have then most tips for designer home gardening advise you to get it down on paper. Your drawing will at least give you some idea of what the finished product might look like. If what you want is a main space with a separate flower garden and water feature then keep it fairly simple.

Tips for designer home gardening say that you should use trees and small shrubs to define the area of your flower garden – get some topiary forms for your plants, they come in all different shapes and a thought about appearance to your garden. Use trellises as well to give the garden extra definition, you can grow honey suckle on these which makes them smell wonderful as well as looking attractive.

If you want to use your garden as an outside room, particularly in the summer, then you will need to choose some garden furniture. Some tips for designer home gardening suggest that when you plan a really festive evening in the garden then add twinkling lights to your garden structure. Entwine them in the trees and round your topiary forms to emphasize the elegance of your flower garden.

If your garden is very small then you need to use every available inch in order to make a garden design statement. Tips for designer home gardening might suggest that you think about a small pond rather than a water feature – you can now buy miniature bridge shapes to go across very small expanses of water. Get some pond plants and maybe some fish. If you have small children then a pond may not be advisable – leave the water until they are older. If you have a small lawn then you could add some crazy paving. Rather than a square or oblong lawn try a smaller circular one with some plants round one side and maybe some decking on the other. The thing with garden design is to make it as personal as possible. Think what you would really like and then set about doing it. There is plenty of free advice in magazines and on the internet to help you in planning a designer garden.