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Home Gardening with Flowers and Plants


Home gardening with flowers and plants can make an interesting and absorbing hobby. There are two ways of doing this you can either have a lawn with the flowers and plants as a border – or you can have grass or concrete and then put your flowers and plants in containers.

Whatever way you decide to go about home gardening with flowers and plants you first need to clear the ground. The way you decide to do your gardening depends quite a lot on the kind of space that you have available.
In any event you will have to make sure that the space is as free from clutter and weeds as you can possibly make it. If there are a lot of weeds and if the garden is overgrown then the best thing to do is to cut it back as much as possible. Once you have done that then you should use a proprietary weed killer – there are plenty on the market and you need to be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you begin. Many of them say that you should not attempt to plant anything for a certain amount of time after using the product. Once the ground has settled again then you need to rake it over and decide whether you are going to have a lawn or a concrete yard.

If you decide to have a lawn then probably the easiest way of achieving this is to lay some turf – you can buy it quite cheaply nowadays. If you decide that you want a concrete yard then this is really a job for a professional. Once this issues is settled then you can begin your home gardening with flowers and plants. Some flowers and plants are easier to grow and take care of than others. Roses for example are very hardy and if you buy a couple of bushes that are already in flower; a lot of the work is done for you. You have to remember to feed them regularly.

If you decide to use the container method of home gardening with flowers and plants then you have two options. You can buy containers that are ready planted and then you just need to nurture them. On the other hand if you want to be more involved in home gardening with flowers and plants then you need to decide the type of things that you want in your containers. Plants like ivy and geraniums do well in containers. Whichever method you choose you must remember to water your flowers and plants regularly and to give them food at least once a week.

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