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195. Home And Gardening Magazines Article

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195. Home and Gardening Magazines


There are many home and gardening magazines on the market. Most of them are full of information on how to improve your home – both inside and out. Some home and gardening magazines are what as known as ezines. That is to say that they are not printed magazines like we are used to seeing, rather they are magazines that are only available on the internet. Home and gardening magazines are not just selling you tips on how to improve your home and garden – they are selling the people who buy it a lifestyle.

Publishers of home and gardening magazines know that people do not just want information. People want to be offered a different way of living. They look at the house interiors presented in magazines and want to picture themselves sat in those surroundings; or surroundings very like them. They want to imagine coming home at night and sitting in that room or eating their evening meal at the table presented in the magazine. The same goes for gardens. People don’t read home and gardening magazines just for information on looking after their plants and their lawns. They want to be able to imagine themselves with a garden just like the one presented in the garden makeover picture. People see advertisements for garden furniture in home and gardening magazines and they can imagine themselves in that garden with that furniture, entertaining their friends.

Home and gardening magazines are a mine of information for those who make their inside and outside spaces a hobby. Some of the information will be seasonal. For example in the period leading up to Christmas readers will find tips on present buying, and on decorating the tree and the table. Often people will be able to find recipes that will tell them how to cook the food that they see depicted on the table. Remember, home and gardening magazines are selling a life style. People will want to try out those recipes, especially if they have bought themselves a dining table and chairs like the one in the magazine. They will reproduce the decorations and then complete the picture by cooking the meal displayed in the magazine. In this way people are not just buying a magazine, or even the furniture that is displayed inside it – what they are buying is a complete lifestyle. Home and gardening magazines purport to show you what it is like to live the life of a person who has followed all their advice and information on having an attractive home and garden. They want to sell you a way of life.