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You have decided to take up home gardening, even though you have never done it before. You’ve seen some of the beautiful gardens your neighbours have grown, and you feel that if they can do it, so can you. Well, you’re absolutely right. Successful gardening isn’t magic, and there is no such thing as a “green thumb” that naturally makes one person a better gardener than another. But here is the best home gardening tip you can get: before you start, talk to those neighbours who have beautiful gardens. Those gardens didn’t get there by magic, but they didn’t happen by accident either. No doubt every gardening neighbour will have a good home gardening tip or two for you.

Successful gardening isn’t rocket science, but it does require a certain amount of knowledge and planning. You can’t plant just anything and expect it to grow and thrive. You have to know what will grow well in your climate and in the type of soil you have. If you are a beginner, you will also want to know which plants are the easiest to grow successfully. Once you have had some experience, you can graduate to more challenging species.

You can find a home gardening tip for just about every gardening problem in books. You don’t have to spend s lot of money on gardening books. Your local library probably has a very good selection of first rate gardening books. They provide all the information you need on selecting plants, preparing your garden and purchasing gardening tools and supplies. They will explain all about soil nutrients, chemical and natural fertilizers, and how to control diseases and pests. They will tell you about mulches, compost and irrigation. Do you want your garden to be child-friendly? Do you want to keep animals out of it? Do you want your garden to attract birds and butterflies? You can find the answers in books. There are also magazines available at the library, through subscription and on the Internet, that can answer many of your questions.

The next place to go if you need a good home gardening tip is to your local nursery or gardening centre. The staff there know their business from the ground up and the roots down. They are the same people who have been supplying and advising your neighbours with the “green thumbs”. They can advise you on seeds, bulbs, planting, pruning, lawn care, and every other aspect of gardening. They will also have all of the extra accessories that give gardens character: statues, water features, sundials, and other ornaments. And you can always ask for the latest home gardening tip.