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8 Vegetable Gardening Article

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Vegetable Gardening


Vegetable gardening can be done on almost any scale. For some people, vegetable gardening is simply a large pot with one or two tomato plants in it. Other people might have a larger plot in their yard or some other area, with a variety of plants, to include tall beans or corn as well as tomatoes, lettuce or even potatoes.

When vegetable gardening, the gardener must consider the geographic location of the garden, the kind of soil and the length of the growing season. While many of the same kinds of vegetables can be grown in Alaska that can be grown in Florida, the varieties will not be the same. The vegetables grown in Alaska will be able to adapt to a shorter, cooler growing season than the vegetables that will thrive in Floridaís climate. It is possible to grow a variety of vegetables anywhere, but the gardener must then also consider having some form of hot house or other means by which the climate for the vegetable gardening can be controlled.

For this reason, a new gardener must be cautious when starting vegetable gardening. Many seeds and plants will seem desirable, but if the gardener doesnít plan, the seeds or plants may not grow and thrive because the weather or soil conditions are not appropriate. If one simply wants some home-grown tomatoes, one can find a large pot and plant some seeds, or some small transplants, for an appropriate tomato. Large tomatoes, such as one might find in a hamburger, are usually not grown successfully in single pots. These tomatoes need room to grow and one plant will need on pot. Most homes donít have the room inside to have lots of large tomatoes growing indoors. It would be easier to find small tomato plants or a hanging basket that would remain outside on a porch might be more appropriate.

Generally, vegetable gardening is done outdoors. Once a gardener has successfully grown a small plant, and eaten the produce from that plant, the gardener wants to try more, larger plants. If the gardener isnít careful, too much can be attempted in one growing season and the garden can become more trouble than it is worth or a failure. A gardener who is new to the concept of vegetable gardening should take the time to plan and ask questions of other gardeners in the area. In many cases, a new gardener might want to become friendly with the staff at the local garden center. Someone on the staff will have lots of experience with vegetable gardening and can answer the new gardenerís questions.