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Indoor Gardening


At some point in time, many people are given, or inherit, some form of house plant. Some people will ignore the plant and it will die. Some people start caring for the plant and then suddenly, discover the joys of indoor gardening.

Indoor gardening is simply the caring of plants indoors. Indoor gardening can be enjoyed by people who live in very urban areas and have no access to outside ground. Many people who are confined indoors can enjoy indoor gardening. If you arenít sure if you really want to start indoor gardening, think back to basic science class. You might dimly remember that plants take in carbon dioxide and, through photosynthesis, release oxygen back into its surroundings. You might also remember from science class that humans breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. Indoor plants, in other words, can help us recycle the air in our indoor environment. The plants, therefore, are not only attractive, but they are helpful to us.

People who live in areas that have long, cold winters, or long dry summers, might enjoy indoor gardening. The indoor gardener can manipulate the environment or create a garden that thrives in the indoor environment. The gardener can thus have a beautiful garden inside, while the weather outside is grey and dreary.

Indoor gardening usually makes use of a variety of containers. Some of the plants can be small, the perfect size to fit on top of a desk, or they can be large, standing by a doorway or behind a chair in the corner of a room. The indoor gardener needs to consider the size of the plant, the size of the container and the needs of the plant before purchasing plants and arranging them throughout a room.

Some plants need lots of light and need to be placed near bright windows. Some plants can thrive in a relatively dark corner. Swapping the two plants wonít work well, and the gardener will either have to move the plants Ė or buy new ones.

Many people like to cook. They might want to consider learning indoor gardening techniques so they can grow their own herbs to be used in their cooking.

Pet lovers can have indoor gardens, but will need to take precautions that the plant and the pet can survive together. Some plants can be poisonous to animals (and people too!). Some of the taller plants will be seen by some cats as scratching posts, or litter boxes, so the gardener will need to consider the lifestyle of all who live indoors before deciding on the plants.