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74 Water Gardening Central Florida Article

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Water gardening: Central Florida is the place


Water gardening, Central Florida is ideally suited for all types of water gardens because of its great tropical climate. The year-round warm climate is especially good for water gardening. Apart from the great weather conditions, the area is also blessed with lots of plants, including natural aquatic flora and animals.

Being able to not worry overly much about winter months when you are into water gardening, Central Florida makes it all possible. However, it is important to know that some areas of Central Florida can and does get pretty cold, even winter frost is not unheard. As such, you need to carefully select the plants you intend to include in your water garden; its best to choose plants that can withstands extreme of heat and cold and still strive.

So far water gardening, Central Florida is a blessing and a curse in relations to the extremes of temperature. However, a little knowledge can go a long way in making your water garden a success throughout the year. Three things to do are:

Keep track of the weather conditions over a period of time, you will begin to see a pattern. Central Florida tends to have a very cold weather every three or so years.

Get as much information that you can about protecting your plants from frost. One of the best ways to do this, even for outdoor water garden is to keep those plants that do not do well in extreme cold in containers. If you do this, when there is a threat of very cold weather or frost you can always transfer your treasures indoors until it is over.

If the period of cold will be short you can also cover your plants in suitable material to protect them. This is useful if the area of plants that needs to be protected is not too large. If you are unsure what types of material to have on hand for this eventuality, get help at your gardening or hardware store. However, do not use plastic as it is not a great type of insulating material.

Select the plants for your water garden carefully.
Choose hardy plants that can be maintained in or out of containers. Some types of plants for water gardening, Central Florida is known for are: palms, some types of ginger, and the vine Allamanda.

If you are into water gardening, Central Florida can be good to you and your endeavors, and you are sure to find a club to join of fellow enthusiasts.