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For some people any kind of gardening is enjoyable, but vegetable gardening has a special attraction that flower gardening does not have. The vegetable gardener can eat what comes out of his or her garden. Ripe, juicy tomatoes, tender peas, crisp lettuce, tasty zucchini, fresh green beans and delicious squash are just a few of the products that can go straight from the vegetable garden to the kitchen. Some of them, after a rinse under the kitchen tap, can go directly to the dining room table.

Doing your own vegetable gardening has a few other benefits. For one thing, the vegetable gardener harvests the vegetables when they are at their peak. Those homegrown vegetables have far greater nutritional value than any of the vegetables available in the produce section of the grocery store. That means they are better for the health of the gardenerís family. The vegetable gardener also knows what pesticides and other chemicals the vegetables have Ė or havenít Ė been exposed to.

Vegetable gardening is also good exercise. It gets a person out into the fresh air. Vegetable gardening is a great way to relax and forget about the stresses and worries of everyday life. It is an activity that anybody, young or old, can do. You can do it by yourself, or make gardening a family affair.

Vegetable gardening can help you fulfill creative needs and gain a sense of accomplishment. When you see your table laden with food that you grew with your own hands, you canít help but feel good about yourself. When you share your harvest with friends and relatives, you get a special feeling that is quite unique.

The benefits of vegetable gardening carry on long after you have picked the last tomatoes and pulled up the last carrots. Thanks to freezing and preserving, you can enjoy your homegrown peppers, zucchinis and tomatoes months after you harvested them. Of course, by growing your own food, you save some money, too.

It is not necessary for you to own a large piece of land to take up vegetable gardening. Any little plot of ground can be turned into a garden, as long as the gardener tends the plants carefully. A gardener can grow vegetables in containers, in window boxes, and even indoors. As long as you have access to some soil, water and sunlight (or artificial light) you can be a vegetable gardener. Just buy the seeds, invest some time and work, and one day youíll be sitting down to enjoy a meal of your own home grown vegetables.

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