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Vegetable Gardening Planting Times


How can you find information on your vegetable gardening planting times? There are a number of cases when youíll find a different resource for gardening available to you. The fact is that every area of the country has a different time frame in which garden plants should go in and when there is too much potential risk for them to do so. If you are looking for the best possible choices for your area, just take some time to do your homework.

When Are Planting Times?

Each region of the country has a different weather pattern. In the north, vegetable garden planting times are much later then they are in the south or even in California. The fact is that the timeframe for when it is safe to plant ranges wildly due to the extreme differences in weather throughout the country. In Florida, the planting times can range almost all year. In California, youíll find areas that plant all year long, especially within greenhouses that can control the temperatures better. But, in the north and even in the middle of the country, vegetable garden planting times are quite specific.

The determining factor in what those times are isnít when seeds are available, but when the last frost will pass. In the extreme north, such as in Maine, those times may range as late as June. The farther south that you go, the earlier your times will be. In most of the middle of the country, the month of May is the prime time to start growing.

Another consideration for your vegetable garden planting times is that of the type of vegetable you are planning to grow. For some plants, the growing time is limited to the needed growing season of the plant. If you wish to grow a vegetable that needs a long growing season, the planting of the vegetable needs to happen earlier. For this reason, not all areas of the country can successfully grow all types of foods that other areas can. Take a few minutes to look at the type of vegetable you are growing to find out if your growing season is long enough to accommodate it as well as if you have the right vegetable garden planting times.

Taking a few minutes to find the right vegetable garden planting times is important. You can look this up in a good vegetable gardening book or even look for it right on the web. Whatever you do, be careful about this timing as it could mean success or failure for your planting season.

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