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Child Gardening Tools For The Little Gardener


Children are curious and like to stay busy. When they see their parent working in the garden, they naturally want to participate. Child gardening tools make that possible. Child-sized gardening tools are real implements and can be used to do real tasks in the garden. It is joyous to watch a child learn to appreciate the environment.

Mommy, Let Me …

Most child gardening tools are made for children 5 years old and older. They are usually made out of wood and metal. All the standard gardening tools are made for children’s smaller hands. There are shovels, rakes, trowels, wheelbarrows and hoes available with shortened handles and smaller attachments. There are children’s gardening toy tools on the market, but they are not real working tools. Often the toy tools are made out of plastic and break much easier. If you intend on letting your child work with you in the garden, be sure you purchase sturdy gardening tools made specifically for use by a child. It is sweet to hear your child say, “Mommy, let me … I want to do it myself!”

Why You Should Say Yes

There are so many reasons why a child should be encouraged to use child gardening tools. Children love to help, but working in a garden is an educational experience.

? Learn about nature and the importance of caring for the environment

? Spend time outdoors instead of in front of a computer or television

? Experience quality time with family

? Increase dexterity by using tools

? Learn to care for items they own so they last longer

? Learn specifically about the seasons and plants

? Learn responsibility and patience

Dolls, Ladybugs and Colors

Children need visual stimulation to keep their attention. Child gardening tools come in a variety of colors and themes. You can purchase the tools that will keep your children’s attention and appeals to their senses. Child gardening tools come in themes that include dolls, ladybugs and superheroes to name a few. You can purchase tools in your child’s favorite color also. The child-sized tools can be purchased alone or as a set. There are hundreds of options. There are even child size gardening accessories and clothing to match the colored tools – aprons, gloves and boots. Your child can become a master gardener with child gardening tools!

Fragile World

It is a fragile world we live in and keeping a balance in nature is important. Letting a child work in a garden not only teaches the value of work, it provides an opportunity to see the end results. A child using child gardening tools learns by doing. Imagine the look on your child’s face when the first flower appears that came from a seed he or she planted. You can purchase these gardening tools in the same manner you purchase your own – on the internet, out of a catalogue or at the gardening store. It is as simple as that!

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