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Gardening Hand Tools


If you are going to be doing a lot of gardening then you should look into getting some gardening hand tools. Even if you have a small garden then you will still need to some gardening hand tools. Even if you do collect a few of these hand tools a season you'll be able to have a large collection. If you are planning on just starting to garden then you should start with the most needed gardening hand tools. A trowel will help you dig small holes for your plants. That is if you are working on a small area and are using smaller plants.

When starting new you should think of spending a little extra money on gardening hand tools. If you are planning on having a garden for a long-term investment getting the tools that are the best might be more money, but they will last a long longer then getting a few cheaper ones. If you are thinking of moving larger plants or dirt, then you will need to get a shovel. If you are planning on taking out trees and or placing in larger plants you might want to think of renting some large equipment to move large piles of dirt around.

Still using gardening hand tools hand tools are the quickest way to get something done. Having a large selection on hand can help when you are gardening. From there anything else is possible. If you are just moving into a home that has a large yard or a garden that is finished you can still use gardening hand tools. You can start with a few things that will help you along such as hand held shears that will keep the plants healthy. You should also think of getting a rake if you have moved to a climate where the trees will lose their leaves.

If you have decided to go for the more expensive gardening hand tools then you should be able to take care of them. You won't be using these tools indoors, only if you have set up some kind of green house for the winter months. Mostly you're tools well be placed away for the winter. Even before winter you can care for your gardening hand tools through out the spring and summer by washing your tools off after every use and drying them afterwards. You don't want to put you're tools away wet. Once the gardening season is over then you can rub some linseed oil into wooden handles. You can also spray the metal parts of the tools with penetrating oil. Now your tools will be ready by the next gardening season.

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