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Hand Gardening Tools Ė Time For A Change


Hand gardening tools are needed for every kind of gardening job - small or large, indoors or outdoors. Once, hand gardening tools had basic designs and your choices were very limited. The tools looked more like farm implements, scaled back some to adjust to the normally smaller jobs they are used for regularly. That was then and this is now! The times have definitely changed.

A Bonanza of Hand Gardening Tools

The variety of hand gardening tools is enormous. There is a tool for every task.

? Shovels

? Spades

? Cultivators

? Tined Digging Forks

? Sheers

? Weeding Forks

? Trimmers

? Pruning Knives

? Loppers

? Axes

? Hoes

? Fertilizer spreaders

Now how about the not so obvious hand garden tools?

? Markers and lines for flower beds

? Augers for bulb hole digging

? Planting tools

? Seed spoons

? Laser levels

? Composters

It is an endless list and each item can be further categorized in several ways.

I Broke My Grandmotherís Trowel

That trowel has been in the family for 3 generations and you just broke it. Your Grandmother lovingly used it in her stunning flower gardens. She passed it on to your mother who also used it for years. You donít want to tell your mother you broke the family gardening heirloom until you buy a replacement, so itís time to shop for hand gardening tools. What you find is amazing. No longer are hand gardening tools buried in the back of the hardware store in a limited selection display of iron implements only a farmer could love. They are prominently offered for sale, not just at the local nursery, but also in catalogues and on the internet. And these are not your Grandmotherís trowels. These trowels are sleek designer hand gardening tools that incorporate the latest technology.

Mom Will Love This One

Before you decide which hand gardening tools to purchase, it is important to consider several major factors that will affect your choice. Hand gardening tools are made out of different materials. You can choose between iron, stainless steel and even aluminum. The difference between the materials means a difference in weight, maneuverability, effectiveness and durability. The stainless steel hand garden tools weigh a lot less than iron tools. You will also need to evaluate what job the hand gardening tools must tackle. If you will be digging in soft flowerbed soil, the material in the implement is not as an important factor as when the tool will be used in compacted clay soil.

Additional factors include your budget, physical limitations you need to accommodate, innovations in design and even aesthetics. You can buy hand tools that are traditional looking, or you can buy designer styled hand gardening tools that are pleasing to look at and look good even when not being used. You can breathe a sigh of relief that your mother will love the hand gardening tools you choose.

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