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UK Gardening Tips


For many people in the UK and other parts of the world, gardening is a wonderful hobby that relaxes people and removes the strain and stress of everyday modern living. It gives you a chance to enjoy nature while creating something beautiful and rewarding. For a gardener in the UK, gardening tips are always important, give you ideas and make some garden projects far easier. English roses are famous around the world, with millions sold annually and most people's gardens have one or more of these lovely plants. Proper pruning is something that most people are not sure how to do correctly in the UK. Gardening tips make this job a little less confusing. The purpose of pruning roses is to get rid of the old, damaged or diseased stems, which encourages new growth and improves the quality of the rose's blooms.

For modern rose bushes, follow these very easy UK gardening tips and you will have people complementing you on your wonderful flowers. You should prune your plants when the rose bushes are dormant which is usually between autumn up until the buds begin showing in the early spring. Start by cutting out all the damaged or diseased stems. On stems that are brown, cut this back to the live tissue inside the stems, which is green. Shoots rubbing together or ones that are very thin will not produce flowers, so remove these. Your next UK gardening tips are to keep the middle of your roses free from too many branches, so the air and light reaches the centre, to discourage disease. The healthy, strong stems remaining need their length reduced by at least one-third. This is where most people get confused but it is actually very easy to do. Cut your stem back to the first bud that faces outward which is about a foot above the soil.

People want to know how to stop snails and slugs from eating hostas and other garden plants. The first two UK gardening tips are to keep your garden tidy and free of plant debris, as both snails and slugs love shady, damp corners. Along with removing any snail you come across, remove the eggs, if you see any. These eggs are translucent, spherical and small. Dig the soil over so the birds find any you missed. Turn over the garden soil even in the coldest months so robins and other birds help control your problem. Regular fertilizers produce soft growth, which attracts slugs, so use a slow release fertilizer when feeding your garden.

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