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Home Gardening Tips


For many people, gardening is a wonderful hobby and pastime that rewards you visually for all the hard work you put into it. The relaxing and therapeutic feeling that people get while working in their gardens is the reason that it is one of the most popular hobbies in America. Not only does it make you forget your everyday worries and stress and provides you with plenty of fresh air but it is a great way to exercise, instead of having to work out at the gym. It is wonderful to be able to sit outside and look around at the beautiful, lush garden that you planted and nurtured. It gives a person not only a wonderful sense of satisfaction but also accomplishment. By following a few home gardening tips, everyone is capable of having a gorgeous, lush garden that will not only delight you but also your neighbors and friends.

Trees and Shrubs

Here are a few home gardening tips to remember that are extremely important when shopping for new trees or shrubs. When most people purchase trees and shrubs, these are small, so they plant them close to their house or under windows. Over the years, these trees and shrubs outgrow their location causing numerous problems. The tree roots end up growing into the foundation of your house and into sewage and water lines. This not only causes damage but also makes it necessary to have the tree removed. Many shrubs grow very large and block the sunlight through your windows, become unruly and often spoil the look of your landscaping. Two very important home gardening tips to remember are to always find out exactly how large the trees and shrubs you are interested in will grow. The second of the home gardening tips is, never plant any tree close to the foundation of your home. It could end up being very costly repairing the damage the tree roots causes and eventually having !
the tree removed.

Some other great home gardening tips are to prune your shrubs and vines, which require pruning, back in the fall, so there is airflow through them, which encourages new growth in the spring. Keep all new trees and shrubs well watered until they are established. Plants that you have watered well survive far better during the freezing temperatures than plants starting winter without enough water. Never plant new trees and shrubs during the summer months. Late fall is the best time to plant these so that the roots remain healthy and strong. By following a few home gardening tips, you end up with lovely trees and shrubs that add beauty and interest to your landscaping, are easy to maintain and will bring you many years of enjoyment.

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