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Daily Tips for Gardening


It does not matter if you live in the country or city; you can find somewhere to grow a garden, even if it is just a small one. If you do live in the city, instead of using your balcony to store bikes or your barbeque, create a gorgeous, relaxing outdoor retreat by using container plants by following a few daily tips. For gardening on balconies that are very long or narrow, use shrubs, different height trees and plants at the ends and corners, to add interest and round out the hard lines. Create points of interest by grouping bright colors and interesting shapes together. More daily tips for gardening are to keep repeating a plant grouping or plant throughout your balcony area and use colorful flowers for accents only. Show off your large plants, shrubs and trees, by using interesting shapes and bright, beautiful colors are great daily tips. For gardening on your balcony, consider how your garden looks from inside your house. Buy trees and shrubs that not only bloom i!
n the spring but also display wonderful fall colors. In climates that are cold, move your plants indoors or line containers with builders foam and set your plants in them.

Here are some daily tips for gardening on your balcony. For height, hibiscus blooms the entire summer and grows up to three or four feet tall. Dwarf Alberta white spruce have beautiful gray-green dense needles that add interest and are very soft. At maturity, they reach heights of up to eight feet. To add color to your balcony garden, these daily tips for gardening in containers are important. Ornamental sweet potatoes are a light colored vine that grow over the pot edge and look wonderful with darker plants. Use ornamental grasses in the background for a graceful, interesting look.

Once you have all your new plants arranged on your balcony, follow some daily tips for gardening, to keep them healthy and beautiful. Balcony gardening is the same as traditional plant and flower gardening, as they require water, soil and sun. Purchase a hose that attaches to your kitchen sink because this makes watering your balcony plants far easier than carting pails of water outside. Plants in containers dry out far quicker than plants do outdoors, in the ground. Check each plant daily to see if it requires watering. Use fertilizer monthly or check the label to see the recommendations and follow them. Weeding is usually not a problem with balcony gardens. The last two daily tips for gardening on your balcony are to remove any dead or yellowing growth and sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

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