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89 Kids Gardening Supplies Article

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Fun And Easy Kids Gardening Supplies


Gardening looks like hard work to most kids. At first, they may not even
want to try it sometimes for fear of failure. In order to coax kids to start
having fun in the garden, one has to tailor the experience to make it one of
wonderful childhood memories. Soon they'll be fearlessly digging in the dirt
and planning even varieties or vegetables that we might find a bit difficult
to grow. For this magical transformation, we have to provide children with
kids gardening supplies that are fun, informational, and easy.

A Kids Gardening Supplies Toolkit

* A kids book on gardening
* A small hand spade for children
* A child's size watering can
* A child's set of garden gloves
* An assortment of easy plants, if not starting indoors
* An assortment of seeds, if starting indoors
* Starter kits for seeds, or peat pots, if starting indoors
* Containers or a weeded and prepared patch of ground

The fun may actually begin by buying a child a gardening book that is
specific to children's needs. Every kids gardening supplies kit should
include some fun literature. They can be fiction books on gardening or
how-to books on children's projects that involve gardening. Handing a child
a plant catalogue probably won't have the same effect it does on an adult.
Children need to open their imagination to the idea of growing a garden of
their own.

Depending on whether you are going to try to start seeds indoors or not,
will determine what you buy for the kids gardening supplies kid. The magic
of seeing sprouts come up from seed is something that every child loves and
starter kits will be necessary. If you are planting seedlings, buy jiffy
peat cups or starter trays with the growing medium already in them for your
kids gardening supplies. This makes it very easy for the children to get
seed packets, that either you or the child reads, and then you follow the
instructions. With the peat pots, when it comes times to transplant them in
the garden, you won't have as much root shock as well, enhancing their
changes of survival.

This works only if the plants get enough light and the light is not too far
away. Using conventional growing tiers with artificial lights is more
successful than growing on a windowsill because the distance from the light
source can be adjusted and length of exposure managed. But, people have
started seeds without a growing tier with artificial lights.

The spade, the watering can, and the gardening gloves all have to be
child-sized in your kids gardening supplies kit. If they have their own
tools, they are more engaged in the art of gardening. Once it comes time to
plant outdoors, knowing they have brand new tools they can play with will
keep them eager to start the outdoor planting activity too. If a plot of
land is not available, large containers are often a good height for kids.
Help them plant, and help them water afterwards. Seeing the product of their
work as it grows will be enough to keep them involved for years to come.