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Your Container Gardening Supplies


While avid gardeners like to have a whole tool shed of gardening supplies,
the average container gardener wants just enough to make their patio or deck
garden a jungle of blooms. More and more people are discovering the joy of
container gardening as people retire and downsize their single residence
homes for apartments, condos, and town homes. You don't have to give up
gardening just because you don't have a back yard. Container gardening is a
wonderful hobby and all you need are a few good supplies.

Pots and Planters

The nice thing about container gardening is the architectural appeal of
different containers. If you want an Asian themed container garden, there
are containers that have that feng shui'd look. By doubling a useful
decorative planter box with a large plastic or clay pot hidden inside of it,
you can rotate containers and plants and switch the look of your garden in
an instant. If you plant directly in the decorative container, it's often
harder to switch out plants.

Make sure the pots have good drainage holes to allow moisture to escape. You
can keep the dirt in the pot from escaping through the drainage holes by
adding gardening supplies of pebbles, a coffee filter, or convex pottery
shards to your list to cover the holes in the pots sufficiently from the

Potting Soil

Buying dirt may seem odd to add to your gardening supplies list when there's
dirt everywhere for free. But, the dirt around you can contain pests,
bacteria, or fungi that will affect the health of your plants.

Therefore, store bought potting soil is one of the most important gardening
supplies to get. The potting soil will be enhanced with fertilizers,
pesticides, and water absorption particulates. Companies often bake the
potting soil to get rid of potential pests and diseases. Potting soil is
usually very cheap and pays dividends in the health of your plants and the
lack of weeds.


Depending or where you live, different plants will be happier than others in
your gardening zone. Do a little research to know what gardening zone you
are in and what plants are hardy outside if your container garden is
outside. When buying plants with your gardening supplies, be creative! You
can have more than one type of plant in a container, or you can bunch
different container plants in a larger planter box. Adding annuals to
perennials will assure splashes of color when the perennial blooms die down.

Spade, Gardening Gloves, and Elbow Grease

Container gardens are the easiest to plant. You simply take a small hand
spade, or some people call it a trowel, and after you've added some dirt at
the bottom of your container for the roots to have room to grow, you then
balance the new plant in the hole and add dirt around it with your spade.
Others prefer to fill the container with dirt and then dig a hole for the
plant. Either way is fine but the hand spade is one of the essential
gardening supplies for container gardening to do this job right.

Sometimes cutting the bottom edge of the roots spurs the new plant to grow
more roots. However, you plant them, most plants prefer to stay at the same
surface soil level they were in the pots you purchased them. Let that be
your guide for how deep to plant them. With all the creative gardening
supplies for container gardening available now, there's no reason anyone
can't have a garden at home.