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No. 160 Gardening Tuber Rose Article

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Fragrance for Gardening - Tuber Rose


If you havenít experienced the glorious tuber rose in your garden, you donít know what youíve been missing. Growing the tuber rose is easy and can add wonderful color and fragrance to your garden. If youíd like to try growing tuber rose for yourself, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Plant tuber roses in soil with good drainage. Peat moss or compost can be added if your soil doesnít already have adequate drainage for gardening. Tuber rose requires drier than average soil. One sure way to kill them is to let them get water logged.

2. Give your tuber roses full sun Ė at least six hours a day.

3. Tuber rose bulbs come in clumps. Plant the whole clump with 2-3 inches of soil above the top. Plant your tuber roses in the spring.

4. Spacing is important in gardening. Tuber roses should be placed 8-10 inches apart.

5. Watering is critical in gardening. Tuber rose should be watered generously after planting and regularly during the growing season.

6. Fertilizer is also a critical element of gardening. Tuber rose requires heavy feeding. During the growth season itís best to use an 8-8-8 fertilizer.

7. Your tuber roses will bloom in mid to late summer, about 90-120 days after planting. Growing tuber rose is a great way to have lots of cut flowers for bouquets. Just a few stems will fill your home with fragrance.

8. When your tuber roses have finished blooming, itís best to leave the foliage. The sun will provide nourishment to the bulbs to make sure they flower beautifully again next year.

9. If you live in zone 8 or colder, you should dig your bulbs up after the first frost. Let them air dry for a few days and then store them in paper bags with peat moss until time to replant them next spring. †

If you prefer to do so, consider container gardening. Tuber rose will do quite well in pots. Plus if you live in a climate that requires you to dig up the tubers each year, planting in pots might actually be an easier way of gardening. Tuber rose still should be moved after the first frost, but this way, you can simply move the tuber roses, pots and all to a warmer spot, such as your garage. Then just move the pots back out into the sunlight when the weather warms up in the spring.

However you choose to grow them, tuber roses are a lovely addition to your garden. Their delicate blooms and heady fragrance make them a favorite for enjoying in the garden and for cutting. If youíve never grown a tuber rose, make this your year. Youíll certainly be glad that you did.