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Successful Gardening – Organic Rose Tips


Organic gardening is a centuries old technique whereby only natural products are used for fertilizing and for removing disease and pests. Organic gardening has become popular again because people are concerned about what commercial fertilizers, pest control products and products for removing disease are doing to our food and water.

Some commercial fertilizers and pest controls have been linked to cancer and other diseases. When we eat foods that have been grown using commercial herbicides and pesticides, we may be exposing ourselves to harmful toxins.

Here are a few tips for gardening organic. Rose bushes will do very well under organic conditions. Gardening organic, rose gardening included, requires three adjustments from traditional gardening methods. You must adjust how you fertilize, how you rid your garden of pests, and how you control garden diseases.

Fertilizing – Use compost. Make compost yourself by saving your garden clippings and natural materials from your kitchen like coffee grounds, eggshells, and fruit and vegetable peels and scraps. If you prefer, you can buy your compost from the garden store. Manure is also great for organic gardening. Organic rose bushes will respond well to this type of fertilizer.

Garden pests –There are several home remedies that you can use for pests. Many garden bugs can be controlled using simple dish soap. Aphids, which are common on roses, can be controlled by having an abundance of ladybugs in your garden, and by planting wildflowers nearby. There are also many organic pesticides that you can purchase at your garden store.

Diseases – There are many home remedies that are successful for helping you control disease while gardening. Organic rose bushes are susceptible to powdery mildew, for example. For a home remedy, you can use 10 parts water mixed with 1 part organic milk and spray on the leaves. Just be sure to rinse it off after a day or two to avoid a sour milk smell on your roses. In addition to this, there are organic fungicides available.

There are a wide variety of products to help you with gardening organic. Today, most gardening stores and large home improvement centers carry organic products – so they are no longer difficult to find or extremely expensive. Rose bushes will respond well to these natural products and home remedies. Organic rose gardening is a responsible and healthy way to approach rose gardening. Organic rose bushes will be every bit as healthy and beautiful as their counterparts that are grown with commercial pesticides and herbicides. So, happy gardening! Your organically grown roses are sure to be the pride of your garden.

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