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Finding the Best Leather Rose Gardening Gloves


All serious rose gardeners know that leather gloves are a must for rose gardening. Only leather gloves can properly protect your hands from the thorns on your rose bushes. In addition, leather gloves are far more durable and will last much longer than other gardening gloves. Finding leather rose gardening gloves at a decent price can be a challenge. Many leather gloves are either thin and flimsy or thick and durable but very pricey. However, if you know where to look, you can find the perfect pair of leather rose gardening gloves to protect your hands all season long.

Gardening Stores – Check out your local gardening store’s selection of leather rose gardening gloves. Most gardening stores will carry a wide range of gardening gloves; no doubt leather ones among their stock. Shop when leather rose gardening gloves are on sale, or shop around to see which stores have the best prices. Gardening accessories, such as gloves often go on sale in early spring and early fall, when planting is at its peak.

Online Gardening Catalogs – You can often find better prices by shopping online. There are many catalogs that carry accessories like leather rose gardening gloves along with plants, fertilizers and other gardening tools. Keep in mind that when you shop online, you may have to pay shipping, so be sure the price you get is still a deal when shipping is added.

Home Improvement Stores – Large home improvement stores often have gardening sections that carry a wide variety of gardening tools and accessories, including leather rose gardening gloves. You may also find leather work gloves that will work just as well, and may be less expensive.

Outdoor Stores and Catalogs – When you shop at these stores, you may, again find leather work gloves rather than those specifically called gardening gloves. However, these gloves will work just as well as those specifically designed for gardening, and they may be less expensive.

Warehouse Stores- During the spring, it’s not unusual for warehouse stores to carry many garden supplies, including leather rose gardening gloves. If you can find leather gloves at these stores, you’ll no doubt get a great price on them.

Leather gardening gloves are a tool that every rose gardener simply must have. Shop around to get the best gloves you can find at the best price – and don’t be afraid to substitute work gloves for traditional gardening gloves. A top quality pair of leather gardening gloves will serve your gardening needs well for many years to come.

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