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The Perfect Rose Photo – Rose Gardening and the Photographer


If you happen to be a photographer and a rose gardener, you may be on a quest to capture the perfect rose photo. Rose gardening and photography are actually a very good combination of hobbies, because your roses will give you many wonderful photo opportunities. Here are some tips for taking a great rose photo. Rose gardening will be far more exciting when you can capture beautiful photos of your prized roses.

Don’t try to photograph on a sunny day – An overcast day will produce more even light on your photo. Rose gardening may require lots of sun for growing the roses, but for photographing them, you’re better off with some clouds. You can often avoid having to wait for an overcast day by simply photographing early in the morning or in the evening on a sunny day. Just be careful to consider shadows when you do this.

Take close ups – Get the detail of your flowers by taking a very close up rose photo. Rose gardening gives us the opportunity to get an absolutely perfect rose every now and again, so be sure you photograph those perfect specimens.

Don’t put the subject in the center – You can create interesting photos by resisting the temptation to perfectly center each photo. Rose gardening on a grand scale creates many different angles from which you can photograph, so take advantage of your large garden and its many different perspectives.

Experiment with lighting – Use special lighting effects. For example, back light your roses. Or, try blocking the sun altogether, so that the roses show up against a black background. Use aluminum foil to reflect light back into shadowed areas. There are many simple things you can do to create interesting effects by working with the light.

Don’t photograph the roses alone – Take pictures of your roses with people, or with your pets. The contrasts you can achieve will be beautiful. Plus, its wonderful to have pictures of people enjoying and admiring your beautiful flowers.

Use slow speed film – You can get much better color saturation by using a slower speed film, like 100 speed versus 200 speed. You’ll be amazed at the color difference, especially if you’re photographing flowers with deep colors.

Photographing your roses is a great way to capture lasting memories of your prettiest specimens. Take the time to experiment with different photography techniques so that you can take more professional looking and more interesting pictures of your beautiful roses. You’ll soon find that your gardening hobby and your photography hobby are the perfect complement to each other.

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