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Organic Gardening Magazine


Organic gardening involves procedures where techniques different from the conventional gardening are used. Organic gardening believes in the usage of natural resources, as opposed to the synthetic materials used in conventional gardening. J.I. Rodale popularized organic gardening during the 1940s and 1950s, with his organic gardening magazine, Organic Farming and Gardening (Rodale Press). Rodale Inc, which was started in 1930, is the world’s largest publisher of fitness and health related publications. After the death of J.I. Rodale, his son Robert D. Rodale took over the reins in 1971. He lead the company until his death in a car accident in 1990. His daughter Maria has been providing the leadership to the company since. It is still published albeit with a different name. Now titled Organic Gardening, it is still the most popular organic gardening magazine available.

Organic Gardening provides the most current and authoritative information available, with a focus on making the process of gardening fun and easy. The magazine was first published in 1942. This organic gardening magazine offers a plethora of well-researched and timely information on various aspects of organic gardening such as landscaping, soil preparations, wildlife gardening and other organic gardening solutions among others. It is published bi monthly and enjoys a large circulation.

There are many interesting features in each issue or the Organic Gardening as The Bird Friendly Back Yard, Organic Gardening Solutions, Compost Corner and Dig In, which contains "news, views, and cool stuff to use." The “Organic Watchdog” section comments on government policies and airs political views. Four or five articles are relevant for the coming season. It tackles issues such as maximizing gardening space, new vegetable varieties, ornamental plants, growing in unusual climates and places. The Organic Gardening Magazine is the best way to learn to live life the organic way. It is a great help to enthusiastic gardeners who wish to indulge in their hobby without the use of chemicals. The yearly subscription for Organic Gardening is $25.

There is a UK publication of Organic Gardening magazine too. It is published monthly and provides practical, hands-on advice on every aspect of the garden, in-depth growing guides, the latest research and the liveliest opinions. Its cover price is £ 2.65. It is the only magazine in the U.K that is entirely organic.

Now there is a website dedicated to this magazine too. The site is called This is an online organic gardening magazine that uses the modern techniques of the web savvy ezine like slide shows, message boards, clippings and articles to help the enthusiastic organic gardener.

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