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Organic Gardening Supplies


Organic gardening supplies are essential to raise a natural garden. The main feature of organic gardening supplies is that they do not use any chemicals or synthetic products to treat the garden. There are many organic gardening supplies required for the upkeep of the garden.

Pests are perennial problems bothering the gardeners. Organic gardening abhors the use of chemical pesticides. Instead, natural means are used for pest control. They are: - beneficial insects, organic insecticides, natural insect repellents, trap and pheromone lures for all integrated pest management programs. The ladybug, also known as the lady beetle or the ladybird, devour a variety of pests like the aphids, leaf worms, mealy bugs and mites. The praying mantis, a relative of the grasshopper, is an indiscriminate glutton that eats up any passing insect. They are known to attack aphids, beetles, caterpillars and even frogs and lizards. Some of the other useful pests are lacewing larvae that attack aphids, mites, thripes, leafhoppers and white flies.

There are many organic materials that prove to be very good insecticide. They affect the insects on contact or ingestion. Organic insecticides protect the plants without the side effects of chemical sprays.

Insect traps are another step towards pest control. They have pheromone lures or sticky substance attached to colored lures. Birds and critters seriously damage the vegetables and flowers. Organic garden supplies shops keep many traps and scares to prevent damage from them. Weeds and diseases are the characteristics of unhealthy plants. The stores selling organic gardening supplies have many weed control options. There are organic pre-emergent herbicide and slow release fertilizer that kill the weeds. The root weevil is very good at removing the knapweed. Fungal spores cause most of the plant diseases, especially during the wet season. The cure for various fungi is organic copper and sulphur products.

Organic gardening uses fertilizer and soil booster of a natural origin. A variety of such fertilizers is available at the organic gardening supplies shops. There are Organic Insect Repellents, Organic Insecticides and other Beneficial Insects & Organisms also available at such shops.

Varieties of tools are required when working in the garden. The tools required can be classified according to their usage. The main usages are: - cultivating, lawn care and tree care. The organic gardening supply for cultivation is the spade, fork, hoe and trowel. A lawnmower is the primary requirement for lawn care. Tree care requires secatures, bow saw and pruning saw.

All this and more is available at the various specialty stores dealing exclusively in organic gardening supplies. The enthusiastic organic gardener can obtain all the necessary items at the organic gardening supplies stores.

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