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Rodale Organic Gardening


J.I. Rodale set up Rodale Inc in 1930. Organic Gardening, fitness and health were the major topics of the books and magazines published by the Rodale press. J.I. Rodale had many strong beliefs regarding the American Agriculture system. He believed that there was a positive correlation between the declining fertility of the soil and the health of the people. Organic Farming and Gardening, a magazine started in 1942 by Jeremy Rodale, made people aware of the benefits of growing their food in a naturally healthy soil. Before preaching to the world Rodale put his theories into practice at a 60-acre farm near Emmaus, Pennsylvania. For Jeremy Rodale, organic gardening was the pathway towards a healthier populace. His idea slowly gained popularity. Today he is considered a pioneer in the field of organic gardening. The magazine started by Rodale, Organic Gardening, is even today the most popular organic gardening magazine. It gives direction to the users to cultivate anything they want without the use of chemicals.

In 1950, J.I Rodale started a magazine Prevention. It dealt with ways and suggestions to prevent illness and disease, rather than wait for the need to cure it. It is the 12th largest magazine in the country now having a circulation of nearly 10.5 million readers each month. The readers are advised to take an active role in attaining and keeping good health and fitness. For twenty years, the people considered J.I. Rodale a crank in general for propounding ideas towards natural foods and organic farming. It was in the sixties that people became aware of the truth in his preaching. The environment crisis was at hand and Rodale’s organic gardening theories made sense. All his cautionary words regarding the side effects of chemical sprays, erosion of topsoil etc were coming true. “Failure to look after the soil under the green carpet does not pay. It leads to the destruction of large areas of land; it creates an inefficient population.” As mentioned in his book Pay dirt.

J.I. Rodale was a prolific author and has many books to his credit. J.I. Rodale passed away in 1971. The leadership of his company Rodale Inc was taken over by his son Robert. Under him, Rodale gained immense popularity. Their message “You can do it,” was labeled strongly across their ever-popular books and magazines. It mirrored their belief that the common people. On taking holds of the reins, Robert Rodale published many successful books on books on gardening, health, home improvement and fitness. In today’s world the name Rodale, organic gardening and natural products are synonymous.

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