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Landscaping Organic Gardening


Although most people think or gardening, and especially organic gardening, in terms of fruits and vegetables that gardeners grow to eat or sell, they are not the only forms of organic gardening. Landscaping organic gardening is becoming just as popular as other types of organic gardening as people strive to protect their environment from harsh chemicals and prevent children and pets from accidentally ingesting any of the man-made pesticides that used to be used to protect landscaping from insects. Like plants and vegetables, the landscaping surrounding our homes is susceptible to insects and diseases, and to keep it protected, we must also nurture and protect it just as we do our fruits and vegetables.

Although some may think it is not high priority to utilize landscaping organic gardening because we donít eat any products because of the landscaping, but that may not be necessarily true. If you are a farmer, and your chickens or hens happen to eat grass from your landscaping that have harsh chemicals in them, these chemicals can indeed be passed along to humans if the product has not left the animalís body by the time he is prepared for slaughter. There is also the potential that your dog or cat may become ill from eating grass with chemicals in it. For the protection of both animals and humans, even your landscaping organic gardening should be organically grown.

Why is such an emphasis placed on landscaping organic gardening?
As aforementioned, concerns for the health of children and pets should dictate that we take precautions. If you live in an urban or suburban area, this is of even greater importance since other kinds of little animals may be around such as squirrels, rabbits, and even birds who decide to come to the ground to look for worms to eat. Taking care of all of the animals and humans should be our first concern, not whether itís easier to spray pesticide that take the time to treat our landscaping in a more natural way. Have we reached a phase in life where the time it takes to tend to our landscape and gardening is more important than the safety of living things? If a person cannot take the time to treat the landscaping organically, then perhaps that person should just get some Astroturf and not have to worry about whether the grass will live or die. Perhaps that is harsh, but there must come a time when we stop thinking about the extra time and extra money involved with landscaping organic gardening, and start thinking about how much safer it will be for children, pets, and other small animals.

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