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Organic Indoor Gardening Products


Organic gardening deals with cultivation without chemical fertilizers and other synthetic additives. Organic gardens are generally considered to be out doors. However, indoor plants can also be successfully grown in the organic way. Indoor plants brighten up the dullest interiors too. You can grow most of the fruit, flower or vegetable indoors. The organic indoor gardening products provide all that is required to grow healthy gardens indoors. Many organic indoor gardening products help in this endeavor. Some of them can be categorized as follows:

Active Nutrients:

They are organic concentrates that work wonders with the indoor plants. Using these products help in growing stronger and healthier plants.


This category of organic indoor gardening products consists of air and water pumps. They are used for erecting hydroponics systems. There are centrifugal inline water pumps, multistage pumps, submersible pumps and air pumps available in various capacities.

Climate Controllers:

These organic indoor gardening products are specifically required for greenhouse and grow room applications. There are temperature controllers, humidity controllers, humidifiers, coolants etc to replicate the climatic condition suitable for the plants.

CO2 Systems:

CO2 or Carbon-di-oxide is a colorless odorless gas. It is required to enhance the plant growth levels. Sometimes the CO2 level inside a closed structure falls bellow the specified optimum limit. This can be detrimental to the development of the indoor plants. CO2 generators are used to keep the concentration of the gas at the prescribed level.

Testing Kits:

For healthy plants, it is imperative that the soil constitution is optimum. There are many organic indoor gardening products available that test the various properties of the soil. pH kit measures the acidity or alkaline content of the soil. Correct pH is essential for the plants to be able to absorb the nutrients. EC (Electrical Conductivity) kit and TDS (Total Dissolved Solvent) kit measures the dissolved solids in the nutrient solution.

Growing Media:

Hydroponics systems produce bigger plants, but are much more exacting. Oxygen is trapped in hydroponics growing media that helps the roots to absorb nutrients. The growing media available is good for both soil and soil less growing. They are popular and effective organic indoor gardening products.

Hydroponics Systems:

They have all the requirements including trays, pumps, instructions, nutrients, timers, and growing media required for soil less cultivation. In fact, every thing other than the plants comes under them. Hydroponics systems provide an efficient and clean gardening the whole year.

Hydroponics Nutrients:

The hydroponics growing media does not contain any nutrient. Hence, all the minerals etc have to be fed to a plant growing under a hydroponics system. These hydroponics nutrients contain minerals like calcium, potassium and phosphorus, organic compost, vitamins and other hormones.

These are a few of the indoor organic gardening products beneficial for the growth of plants inside.

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