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What are organic indoor gardening products?


The move towards wellness and natural health has found its way into the gardening circle, giving rise to organic, indoor gardening products. Many agricultural products are now marketed as being all-natural or organic. Before even thinking about organic, indoor gardening products, it is necessary to define what is meant by organic gardening. The meaning of organic varies depending on the source, but generally it refers ‘to gardening without the use of harmful chemicals.’

So what exactly qualifies as organic, indoor gardening products? Any products that use things from nature, that is, natural ingredients instead of man made chemicals are referred to as organic products. Instead of chemicals to deal with insects or plant diseases, natural products are used.

The end result of the gardening can also be referred to as organic, indoor gardening products. These end results are the vegetables, herbs or decorative indoor plants that are produced from your efforts.

Organic vegetables are all the rage these days with almost everyone doing what they can to remain healthy and active into old age. Organically grown vegetables that are planted in containers inside a home are chemical-free which is a big plus. It is believed that vegetables and fruits grown on regular farms retain some amount of chemical residue. Additionally, it ensures an almost constant supply of vegetables, especially during the winter months when outdoor gardening is impossible. Most vegetables, especially those that do not require large amounts of space can be grown indoors. Organic indoor gardening products such as vegetable seedlings can be purchased from nurseries that grow only organic plants. If there are no nurseries close at hand there is always your neighborhood gardening store.

Like vegetables, herbs are another great type of organic indoor gardening products. Plant your own herbs in containers in your kitchen, on a windowsill or in any available space and have a ready supply of herbs to add flavor to any meal. Like organic container vegetables, herbs grown in a similar manner are just as healthy and fun to grow.

Even your indoor plants can be organic. All it takes is a decision to not use synthetic fertilizers on them; use kitchen waste to provide the necessary nutrients. Just make sure that they are given the right amount of water and sunlight, whether natural or artificial.

The internet is full of information on all things organic, indoor gardening products included. So if you want to do something for the environment while eating healthier, consider going organic, you won’t be alone.