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More Than Just Flowers for Your Flower Gardening - Plant Trees!


When people think flower gardens, images of pansies, begonias, or even the majestic bird of paradise are conjured up in the mind. Trees are not often considered, and yet there are many flowering trees that can be a wonderful addition to any flower garden. Indeed, many trees not only have beautiful leaves, but also colorful fruits which may attract birds.

Remember, though, that your tree must fit into your garden, not stick out like a sore thumb in the space youíve chose for flower gardening; plant trees that complement your flowers and donít use many trees if you donít have a large space, as the effect will be an unpleasant one of unnatural overcrowding. Moreover, if your tree bears large, soft fruits, take into consideration that you will have to spend part of your time gathering the fruit when it falls to the ground, to avoid it rotting and attracting insects and just causing an unsightly appearance in your garden.

As with all plants, you need to do your research before purchasing a tree for your flower gardening. Plant trees in deep, fertile topsoil with good drainage qualities; this is the ideal for most trees. There are not many trees that do well in wet soil or very sandy soil that remains too dry. If you donít have the proper soil for a particular species that you wish to add to the space youíve chosen for flower gardening, plant trees of a different species, or think about constructing raised beds to which you can add the proper soil.

Most trees require full sunlight and should be planted at a distance from buildings or other large trees which will cast a shade for the majority of the day. Obviously, even when given the best environmental conditions, it will take years to achieve a decent-sized flowering tree; these plants are not like annuals and perennials which will bloom within the first growing season, the second at the latest.

The Calley Pear tree can be used in flower gardens, as it produces fragrant white flowers that later bear small round fruits; just donít use it in narrow areas when flower gardening. Plant trees of this nature if you want a specimen with few pests that can tolerate most soils, except those that are wet or extremely poor. Once its flowers are spent, its foliage presents a visual spectacle, going from orange to scarlet to crimson in the fall. Crab apples are popular additions to flowering gardens, having beautiful flowers and fruits that attract birds. Crab apples require a bit of maintenance, though, and pruning should be done on a regular basis; these trees need to be watched carefully, as they are susceptible to many diseases and insect infestations. Crab apple trees do not do well in hot and dry environments.

Flowering dogwoods are attractive additions to your haven of flower gardening. Plant trees of this species to enjoy yellow flowers and red medium-sized fruits throughout the fall when the leaves turn scarlet. These trees need deep soil that is moist but well drained; they do not do well in hot and dry locations. Mulching is a good idea for these trees. Then thereís also the flowering peach, which produces single, pink flowers. This species grows relatively rapidly if provided with good soil, but will slow down and grow poorly if not maintained; indeed, this tree needs to be pruned, fertilized and protected against pests on a regular basis. Do not plant in wet soil.

There are many other varieties of flowering trees. Itís up to you to research what kind of tree youíd like and what its environmental needs are. Whatís important is to be patient with your flowering trees, as they will not provide you with instant bloom. But give them time and you will be more than satisfied.