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Encyclopedia of Gardening – Flower/Plant Information and More


For hundreds of years scholars have adopted encyclopedias as a way to organize knowledge, to have it always ready for easy future consultations and to pass it on from generation to generation. Originally, the contents of encyclopedias were very general, going from theological notions to culinary recipes. Even though today this type of encyclopedia still exists, more specialist encyclopedias, focused on one main subject, have been launched on the market, to the great delight of customers.

In fact, these volumes have allowed more detailed and complete information about our favorite topics to be easily accessible to a multitude of readers. Lovers of flower gardening have also benefited by these encyclopedias. Today, it is not hard to find an encyclopedia of gardening flowers/plants.

So if you’re a beginning gardener on the lookout for information on how to jump into your new hobby or if you’re a seasoned veteran trying to figure out why you can’t get than one particular species to grow, never fear. Volumes and volumes have been written for you and chances are that you’ll be able to find all the information you need in an encyclopedia of gardening flowers/ plants.

Of course, it is always possible to resort to the old classical way of reading up on a subject by going to any major library or bookstore. There we won’t find only one encyclopedia of gardening flowers/plants, but many different encyclopedic volumes that cover a wide variety of information about flower biology, flower species, hardiness zones, common and scientific plant names, flowering times, light conditions, cultivation notes, and care requirements, among other things. They give you advice on how to choose a site for a flower garden, how to design a garden, and what plants to choose and why. They include gardening tips and techniques and many are filled with photographs of garden designs and magnificently blooming flowers. An encyclopedia of gardening flowers/plants can give you troubleshooting ideas on how to deal with some aspect of you new flower garden, like insect infestation or disease.

For those who are computer friendly they can always buy an encyclopedia on CD (some come packaged with software to help you design your garden), or search for their encyclopedia of gardening flowers/plants on the internet. Using any of the most common search engines, we will find an incredible amount of info about a variety of encyclopedias. One of the most famous online encyclopedias of gardening flowers/plants is claiming to be the largest of its kind in the world, with its 38,000 terms. There is also Floridata, and, which is actually an interactive encyclopedia that users themselves can update.