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Satisfying Your Flower Gardening Supply Needs


All gardeners realize that even the greenest of thumbs needs some help in creating the perfect flower garden; no matter how much of a wizard you are with our photosynthetic friends, you won’t be able to do it alone. Flower gardening supplies, indeed, are a gardener’s best friend.

Flower gardening is steadily gaining in popularity and it no longer matters if you have a house with a yard or a small apartment in a large city, people are finding ways to fit beautiful and fragrant flowers into their everyday lives. And with the flower gardening bug comes the necessity to have an adequate flower gardening supply toolkit to meet your gardening activity needs.

Every town and city has at least one garden supply store where you can go to pick up any supplies you need or just ask for advice. From seeds to hoes, containers to fertilizers, you’ll find it all at your local garden supply store.

With the Internet playing such a fundamental role in today’s society, it shouldn’t be surprising that you can also turn to your computer to purchase and research flower gardening supplies, even the most peculiar. The most extravagant flower baskets, and the most technological flower containers, such as those which are electronically controlled to release water according to pre-programmed time intervals (for those who easily forget to water our silent friends)…these are only examples of the flower gardening supplies that are offered.

So setting aside the more extravagant flower gardening supplies, what basic tools do you need to flex your green thumb? A pair of pruning shears are needed for light shrub pruning, deadheading and cutting back perennials. Lopping pruners have longer handles and bigger blades for cutting thicker branches. Digging spades and shovels are also essential gardening tools; the tool should not feel heavy or your gardening experience will be a terrible and painful one. A spade has a narrow, long blade and is perfect for work in flower beds but every gardener should invest in a rounded shovel as well for larger jobs.

Some gardeners suggest a garden fork for breaking up soil clods and uprooting annuals that have seen the end of their time. A stiff soil rake is a must have for all budding flower gardeners for removing small stones and leveling soil after preparing a new flower bed. It’s also good to have one of those big fan-like rakes for cleaning up fall leaves (which you can add to your compost pile).

An important tool for all flower gardeners is a high quality water hose; many gardeners recommend hoses with brass fittings that are at least four- to six-ply in thickness. A watering wand is useful for watering plants, container gardens, seedlings; its utility lies in the fact that rather than giving off a strong pressurized stream, it gives of a gentle shower of water.

You’ll need a weeding knife as well, which can be used to loosen the soil around roots enough to pull the entire plant out of the ground with relative ease. Other convenient supplies include a 100-foot tape measure, shears for grass clipping, scissors (that should be sturdy) dedicated to garden use, a hand-held hoe, cotton gloves, a lawn mower, hand trowel, hat and watering can. A wheelbarrow or garden cart is also useful.

And for beginner gardeners that need to do some research (gardening is hard work!) on what flowers they need and what supplies they need, there are numerous websites with a wealth of information on all things photosynthetic. Moreover, you can find plenty of books and magazines that are full of advice, hints, and even supplies that you can order; they even have pretty pictures!