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103 Florist Floral Flower Gardening Article

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Using Your Florist Ė Floral/Flower Gardening Idea Hunting


Besides just looking pretty in your garden, flowers can be gathered and cut to be put into gorgeous arrangements for special occasions, or just to decorate the house. You can obviously do this yourself, but there are people trained in the art of arranging flowers that you can turn to for arrangements and tips on how to arrange your own flowers. These individuals are florists, floral/flower gardening fountains of knowledge waiting to be tapped.

Because many florists arrange their flowers according to themes, you can always pop your head into a florist shop to get an idea of what to plant if you want to make the most out of the flowers youíve chosen to grow in your garden. Perhaps even before you choose your flowers, go idea hunting by stopping into your local florist. Floral/flower gardening suggestions will abound.

You can turn to a florist for flower gardening tips and information on how to grow flowers. If youíre really lucky, your florist will be growing his or her own stock and so can take you around their garden to show you how certain flowers are taken care of.

Traditional florists specialized in the selling of arrangements of flowers, but now occasionally they also sell certain species of flower and seedlings that you can transplant into your garden. Traditional florists usually donít sell seeds, but besides transplanting flowers bought at the florist shop, you can buy a flower and take a cutting to cultivate your own specimen of that flower.

Nowadays, moreover, garden supply stores and supermarkets are getting into the florist business. These will always remain reliable locations from which to buy gardening plants and garden supplies, but now you can head to any of these places for stunning floral arrangements.

And in the age of technology, obviously there is a place for the virtual florist. Floral/flower gardening companies are not the only one jumping onto the World Wide Web. More and more florists are popping up on the internet; they are convenient because you can have flowers sent to almost any corner of the world. However, if what youíre looking for in a florist is personal attention and the possibility to walk through a shop and take a look at floral arrangements for inspiration, the online florist just wonít do.

Indeed, you canít just choose any florist for either your floral arrangements or for advice on growing flowers. Make sure the florist you turn to is creative in his or her work; youíll get wonderful advice on what to grow from a person like this! The quality of asking you what your purpose is in growing or wanting flowers is yet another sign of a good florist. Floral/flower gardening tips from a person like this can be trusted; indeed, they will give tailored, personal advice. Check the selection of flowers offered by the florist; floral/flower gardening advice should only be taken from someone who has many different species in the shop; this florist has a wide range of knowledge and can give you more extensive advice. Beware of florists only selling a few flower species; their knowledge is limited. Finally, make sure the flowers being sold look in top shape; this is a florist who knows how to care for flowers and can pass that information on to you.