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60-Perennial Container Gardening


One of the biggest challenges gardeners face is deciding which types of plants to grow. Some favor annuals, or perennials, or a mixture of both. When discussing perennial flower and plants in relation to a perennial container gardening experience there are a few key features to be aware of. The first thing to know is what a perennial plant is. Unlike annual flowers, perennials come back year after year. They are non woody plants that tend to bloom several times in one season especially if spent blooms are properly cut and the plant is well taken care of. This, among others, is the reason these plants are perfect for perennial container gardening.

The best feature of perennial plants is their incredibly hardy nature. These plants tend to survive in conditions where even trees and scrubs are scarce. It certainly doesnít hurt that many perennials produce beautiful, colorful flowers. In perennial container gardening, where the emphasis is on easy maintenance, these plants make stunning displays. Due to the nature of their root system, it is important to select a container that is wide and deep enough to support the root system. Perennial root systems protect themselves by developing deep underground. This is part of the reason they are so resilient to a great number of different plant hazards.

In addition to an appropriate container and proper drainage, the next thing you will need for perennial container gardening is a diverse selection of perennials. If you do enough research on your various plants, it is possible to have several in bloom at the same time. Those that arenít in bloom will provide a lovely green foliage backdrop.

Since these plants grow back constantly, the container gardener will find that every so often it becomes necessary to divide the plants because they have gotten too large. This practice is also healthy for the plant. The young offspring can be used in another perennial container gardening project or planted in the ground if available, or given as gifts to other gardeners in your family or among your friends. Perennials are also less expensive when you think about the number of new plants that well cared for plants provide.

If you want an easy to maintain, attractive container garden, choosing perennials is a good way to achieve it. These plants are hardy and can stand up to the elements due to their deep root system that annuals and other plants canít. Perennials are an excellent option in creating wonderful arrangements in containers. Pick out your favorites and create a design you can enjoy for years to come.