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58-Container Gardening Ideas


Everyone likes for their home to be appealing to visitors and occupants alike. Nothing adds visual appeal like beautiful plants delighting the eye and maybe hiding some imperfections. An excellent way to use plants in decorating is in containers. Since they are portable they can be placed anywhere you may want a little color. This form of gardening is simple and can be used for the outside as well as the inside of the house. All you really need to create stunning masterpieces in a few container gardening ideas.

Having a bouquet of fresh cut flowers on a table is certainly not a new idea. However changing it up a bit and placing small containers of live plants on the table is a unique spin. Keep the pots small and the plants short. Nothing is more irritating than not being able to see your dining companions due to overdone arrangements. This is one of those container gardening ideas that aren’t often seen, but add a lot of character to a room. Just be sure to choose pots that compliment your décor.

Many people are stuck on the idea that gardens are to be placed on the ground level. The beauty of container gardening is that you can choose to draw the visual interest to a higher level. Hanging baskets are one option, but consider a tower or wooden rack to place plants higher on a patio or deck. You will also need to be able to reach the plant containers with a hose as using a watering can will be difficult at that height. Placing or hanging your tall arrangements in the vicinity of a plot flowerbed for a uniform look is another one of those good container gardening ideas.

If the area you want to beautify doesn’t get a lot of sun, shade loving plants may be just what you need. Petunias and Begonias are good options for spots like doorways overhung with a porch roof. The important thing to remember when framing in a front doorway is to think big. Use big containers filled with lots of colorful flowers. Choosing plants with gorgeous foliage is another one of the great container gardening ideas to consider with front door designs. That way after the blooms are gone, you will still have an impressive display.

There are many resources for helpful, useful container gardening ideas. The Internet, books, and your neighborhood green house are all excellent places to go for the latest information in this growing trend. Container gardening is a creative hobby that will add a lot of color and beauty to your home.