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52-Container Gardening Book


Container gardening has gained popularity in recent years due to the lack of free time many people are dealing with, the creativity container gardening allows, and the flexibility in placement of displays. Individuals new to the trend are often unsure where to start learning about container gardening. One of the best options for new gardeners is to choose a container gardening book. Many excellent books have been written on the subject and can instruct on everything from the proper containers to soil mixtures to the plants themselves. Anyone interested in container gardening would benefit from reading one of these informative books.

One container gardening book that is popular with home gardeners is Container Gardening For All Seasons. This one was edited by Readerís Digest and offers the same high quality as all of their other publications. This book is geared for everyone regardless of regional area, expertise, or experience. One of the most interesting sections is the one on how to pair plants together by shapes, sizes, and color of the flowers. Any new gardener would benefit from this book.

Another option is Container Gardening by Paul Williams. This container gardening book especially deals with the idea that container gardens are real gardens. The author offers solid advice on year round maintenance and planting. The book goes one step further by providing excellent advice on design and healthy planting practices. More unique flowers and plants are highlighted in the text to give the reader a wider variety of options when designing their own container gardens.

If you are looking for a lot of helpful photographs then Gardens To Go: Creating and Designing a Container Garden by Sydney Eddison may be just what you are looking for. This container gardening book is equipped with over 200 colorful photos to give the reader the exact idea of what the text is talking about. The author discusses container gardens from the size of one pot to gardens that span an entire rooftop. This book also includes resources to assist the new gardener in their endeavor. Lists of basic plants, other helpful books, and places to find more unique plants are just a few of the additional information found in this book.

Choosing a good container gardening book is an excellent first step for anyone interested in creating their own growing floral display. There is a wealth of information available in book form in the library, bookstores, or even online. It only takes a little time to find the reasonably priced container gardening book that will bring this fun hobby into your home.