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45-Container Gardening Tips


Almost everyone has seen a display in a gardening store or seen a flower or vegetable container garden at a friendís home. Many people assume that the container garden took a great deal of time or it was professionally done. The truth is that container gardening is as easy as traditional gardening and in ways, easier. Anyone, even those with little or no ground space like apartment or condo dwellers, can use this type of gardening to create their own masterpieces. All that is needed is a few container gardening tips.

The first thing that the new home container gardener needs to decide is the size of the container they want to use. Tip number one is be sure the pot provides enough room for soil and the plants. Make the pot fit the type of plants to be grown. Plants that like to vine will need a deep container to drape over. Taller plants will need a wide based pot to provide balance. Donít panic yet; there are more container gardening tips to come. The other thing to keep in mind in terms of the container is to make sure there are adequate drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. You donít want water just sitting on the plantsí roots.

Another issue that many people want to know about container gardening is what type of soil should be used in the containers. When experts are doling out container gardening tips, they generally recommend a good potting soil mix. This prevents the soil from compacting and allows greater water distribution throughout the growing season. With this in mind, do a little research and plant similar plants together. In other words, choose plants that have roughly the same sun, water, and food requirements.

Another one of the outstanding container gardening tips that many container gardeners suggest is paying attention to the containers water needs. Most container gardens will need to be watered daily in hot weather. The plants donít have the ability or room to search for below surface water supplies. For this reason it is a good idea to choose drought resistant plants for your first attempt at container gardening.

Plants are only viable for so long. Donít be afraid to change plants out as they become less productive. As a container gardener you have the final say on when and for how long your container garden is in bloom. While growing seasons are important, you can manipulate the container into staying viable a little longer by moving it indoors or to a different location in the yard or patio.

Taking advantage of the many container gardening tips available online and in other sources is an excellent way to ensure your gardening success.